One night stand 2006 scott keith

one night stand 2006 scott keith

, but Jericho dropkicks him out of the corner and baseball slides him to the floor. Guido has the FBI with him, and its nice to see Tracy Smothers back doing the bit he was born. Rob tries to springboard off the railing, but Cena pushes him down into the crowd to counter. Bubba heads back in and chairshots Sandman, and the Dudleyz double-team him. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott are joined by Marc Clair to take a look at One Night Stand 2006! . Sadly, no Joel Gertner intro. And the brawl is on, as Tazz chokes Kurt Angle down and everyone else fights it out. It certainly lends a fresh look to WWE PPVs, which have been essentially looking the same for nearly 8 years now, ever since the changeover to RAW is WAR in 1997. Back in, Angle takes him down with the double-leg and rides him on the mat, and the crowd lets Orton know that he got bitchslapped.

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Edge: Thats three words!) to annoy Edge was a bit obvious, although telling JBL that the only reason he was champion for so long was because HHH didnt want to work Tuesdays was classic stuff. Again, not a great or even good match, but energy and spirit was there. Tanaka goes down first, as per tradition, but comes back with the Diamond Dust Driver out of the corner. Head with us now back to 1994, as a young ECW does all sorts of crazy stuff. Live from the Hammerstein Ballroom, in New York City. Orton goes back to his favorite chinlock and the crowd immediately starts the boring chant. They fight for a lockup, and the crowd alleges that Cena swallows. Awesome brings another table in and they head up, but Tanaka comes back with a DDT through the table, and that gets two.


Hitzefrei Hot brunette picked up for a one night stand.

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So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott and Justin as its time for another edition of the PTB Podcast! Well I guess smashing a guy in the face with a chair is a pretty good way to finish, but it felt like they were rushed there. At least thats my theory. They do some shoving to start and Awesome powers him into a belly-to-belly, but Tanaka puts him on the apron. However, change can be scary, so well stick with the tried-and-true format for this show, and maybe test out the new one on Vengeance. Well, theyre certainly not taking their time here. And then Lita finds another length of it for Mick to wrap around his forearm, and he uses thaimassage varberg gratis sexbilder it to brutalize Funk further. Back in, Awesome hits him with the flying splash, but only gets two. And shes aged very well, in fact, with that older Elizabeth thing going. He charges with a chair, but Ballz moves and they head back in, where Tanaka brings him in with a superplex for two. Cena tries another F-U, but Rob holds the ropes, so Cena dumps him instead. I should point out that the outside building shots and THQ plugs is kind of jarring and distracts from the nostalgia effect of the show. Tajiri Super Crazy. He misses a dive off the apron, however, and eats steel. If he had the stuff inside the ring to back up his money promos I dont think anyone would have had a problem with pushing him after a speech like that one. Man, rspw went nuts for that Dreamer-Sandman stuff back then. Edge spears him and goes after Mrs. Rob comes back with the legdrop onto the railing. I might even switch to Smackdown depending on where things end up after the draft, I dunno.

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